Подготовка специалистов в Туркменистане


Морской УТЦ СТОРМ во взаимодействии с ES «Hazar Doganlary» организовал подготовку специалистов компании "Caspian Driller" (Сингапур) по следующим курсам:

  • "Способы личного выживания (Sea Survival)" в соответствии с требованиями Руководста IMCA SEL 007,
  • "Подготовка специалиста по спасательным шлюпкам и плотам и дежурным шлюпкам, не являющимся скоростными дежурными шлюпками (Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats)" в соответствии с требованиями Раздела A-VI/2 Кодекса ПДНВ, 
  • "Специалист по скоростным дежурным шлюпкам (Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats)" в соответствии с требованиями Раздела A-VI/2 Кодекса ПДНВ.


Для теоретической подготовки слушателей использовалась система электронного дистанционного обучения «СТОРМ» (Сертификат РМРС о типовом одобрении от 25.05.2015 №15.00996.327), библиотека мультимедийных тренажерных программ.

Практические занятия по приобретению умений и отработке практических навыков проводились под руководством инструктора Морского УТЦ СТОРМ на тренажерной базе в порту Туркменбаши. 

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Participants of the STCW 78/95 courses:

TO: Training Center “STORM” (Moscow/Russia),
& ES “Hazar Doganlary” (Turkmenbashi/Turkmenistan)

TITLE: A Thankful Feedback


First of all, please receive our congratulations; you started very successful beginning of training centre, having the innovational methods of education from Moscow, not moving far from Turkmenbashi. We have past this training with pleasure and success. During the trainings we have practiced mandatory courses and now can be able to work with more courage. We would like to wish you and all of your staff good luck on your job and career.
We are pleased that we used high technology during the training. The “Sea Survival” training course isn't just a ticket (certificate) to allow us to use different types of Survival Crafts and resque boats. It's far more than that. It's a very informative training course, and it's fun to be there. We'll come away with a comprehensive knowledge of how to operate with situated devices and control our safety on our board, and we’ll have confidence to use it when we need it. During the course days administrators and the instructor was personable and evidently well up on their subject. He explained everything clearly and was very patient with us during with simulator exercises and in practice. We even mentioned that the common spirit of our colleagues have changed to more friendly and confident way. We would highly recommend having such experience. There is a lot to learn! Now we look forward to use the information that we have received during the trainings.

Thank you for all your efforts, and those of your staff.


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